Since 1992, Hunter Associates has provided high-quality, comprehensive investment services to individuals, families and institutions. We are a firm deeply rooted in a heritage of integrity, where every recommendation is evaluated by asking, “How will this best benefit our client? Does this serve the trust they place in us?”



Our primary goal is to help our clients define and achieve their financial objectives. To do this, we establish an investment plan, adopt an investment policy, including an appropriate asset allocation and select suitable securities to reach these goals. Our further goal is to provide our associates with growth opportunities, a rewarding experience and a pleasant environment. Our success, both financial and otherwise, will be a by-product of achieving these goals.


David W. Hunter founded Hunter Associates with a strong emphasis on identifying and achieving our clients’ financial goals through a combination of brokerage and investment services. He believed then, and we still believe, that this model is the best way for us to offer superior service to clients of all financial sizes.

Our commitment to provide true value to our clients, friends and associates remains the foundation of our mission.




The thoughts and quotations below document our history, reaffirm the principles that define us, and celebrate the ideas that we will take with us as we move forward.

“I proved to myself that a firm in business could have a social mission and not only survive but prosper. If you regard profit as a byproduct and not the main focus, then performing your mission well will probably produce a profit. I believe that.”
– David W. Hunter, Reflection on Starting The Firm, 1994

We did manage to avoid areas of the business which were temporary Wall Street fads; we minded our business.
– A Look Back at the Firm’s Beginning

“Patience is a particularly applicable virtue in investing. We tell ourselves to have patience – many of you simply regard us as a little slow.”
– 2008, Clients’ Quarterly Letter