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We regard our association with clients as much qualitative as it is quantitative, and our investment approach is in years not quarters. We interpret our job as somewhat broader than just competing with the indices. We think of ourselves as taking care of our clients by taking care of their finances. We’ve grown more than we originally expected which means that we now have quite a few more friends than we had in 1992.

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Security selection is not an art. It’s art appreciation. The art is the company itself, just as the picture at the Carnegie is the art. The stock picker recognizes the art, prices it, and tries to extend its value into the future.

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We believe that our most valuable tool to make rational decisions during irrational and emotional times is the Investment Policy. By utilizing a fixed investment policy, we remove the emotional reaction that market swings cause in many of us.

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We share a common drive to achieve and are  continually looking for opportunities to improve our  services and performance – to the benefit of our  clients. We are founded on the simple belief that  success is rooted in people; we believe that employees  reach their fullest potential when they feel a high  degree of freedom and work with other forward-thinking professionals. We are seasoned and  experienced, young and innovative. We are a  well-balanced, dynamic collection of professionals  across two locations.

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We Encourage you to use FINRA’s Free Online Tool to Review Financial Industry Professionals.

FINRA regulates the people and the firms that sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities. Enter the name of a broker to review important information about them including experience, certifications, licenses, disclosures, and other regulatory history.

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